Car show

Date: 13-Feb-2009
Capacity: 50 (2% booked)


Brian's Car Show Room

This week end Brian's Cars is having its first car show.  View millions of cool cars and get all the free swag you can carry.  We will be doing a tribute to 1980's TV show cars.  Our special guest will be none other than Knight Riders own David Hasslehoff.  Be the first to shake his had and take a ride in the original KIT car.  Also take a look at the General Lee, from the hit show Dukes of Hazard.

Doors open at 9:00am
Admission is $15 kids under 8 are free.

Book your reservation now and we will send you a free Brian's Cars hat and gym bag.

Better Hurry!  We are running out of hats;)


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