Modern Cars

13-Feb-2009Car show

This is a DelSprint Roadeater.  It is the first hydro fueled care that can reach speeds up to 300mph.  You may ask, with speed like that how do you make driving decisions?  Well, we created a a automated driving robot that makes the decisions for you.  Don't worry we tested this out using monkeys, it is totally safe.

This little beauty is a Ford FT Fastcar.  We don't know much about this car, it has just been released.  But what we do know is that this is the next new thing in the category of "Cars that are Blue".  More info on this monster soon to come.
How fast do these cars go?

Sleek and shiny this is the Silver Surfer.  It is the only car on the market that can actually float.  While hitting speeds up to 280mph on land, it can also travel up to 10 knots in the water.  Only 5 of these where made, and we are selling 3 of them.  Start price is $6,000,0000.