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Cars vs Trucks

Cars vs Trucks

Brian Dell'Aquila | BC - Thursday, February 12, 2009

This blog focuses on the subject of Cars vs Trucks.  It is a spin-off of lasts weeks blog post, Dogs vs Cats.  What does it mean to be a truck or car owner.  It means having the freedom to be able to leave one place and cruse off to another, as long as you have gasoline.  Which brings up our first argument.  Gas prices, can anyone justify having a truck these days?  For sure, may of the truckers out there rely on their trucks as a tool for the daily efforts they experience.  Without these gas guzzlers, may of the homes we live in, food we eat, and other various deliveries we rely on would not happen. 

Although a car may be the choice because of today's souring gas prices, trucks get us out of jams and keep our ways of leaving close and comfortable.


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